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The Cloud Drag-n-Drop Video Creator That Lets Anyone Create Studio-Quality Videos in Minutes with Brand-New Technology and No Learning Curve Needed.

Launching: Feburary 1st 10am EDT

Introducing the Most Flexible and Featured Packed Video Tool Yet...

There’s been a good number of video tools launched, but when we surveyed our list for the #1 tool subscribers thought would help them the most they wanted another video creation tool.

However, what was requested was not just any run of the mill video creator. They needed something drag and drop simple and newbie friendly, yet could allow the creator to dive deeper and customize every part of the video if needed.

We’re talking the ability to add and fully customize things like voiceovers, images, videos, text, animations, timings, and more in the cloud. All on an easy-to-read timeline editor that could produce studio quality videos local clients would take seriously and buy.

Obviously, this was not an easy task and we could have gone in a much simpler direction. But, after almost a year of hard work, development, and testing PlayPix was born.

Check Out the Demo Here:

A Few Features Include:

And Even More Highly Unique Features Like

Built-in Voiceover Recorder - Record a custom voiceover on the fly and insert it into your video using PlayPix built-in voiceover audio capture and voiceover system

Onboard Library on Transition and Animation Effects- Dazzle your viewers with easy-to-add transitions between slides or parts of any video video using PlayPix built-in voiceover audio capture and voiceover system

Fully Cloud-Based - No need to download or store anything. Now you can create videos anywhere with an internet connection and download them at any time. video using PlayPix built-in voiceover audio capture and voiceover system

Preview the Video before Rendering - FInally! Actually, see what your video will look like before you sit and wait for it to render. We’re the only major cloud video tool supporting this ability in our space. video using PlayPix built-in voiceover audio capture and voiceover system

Free Cloud Storage - Store your videos and campaigns all on our servers. No need to take up more desktop space unlike other advanced video apps. video using PlayPix built-in voiceover audio capture and voiceover system

And far more than that!

Check Out Some Examples Created in Just Minutes with PlayPix:

We Have An Amazing, Congruent Funnel:

PlayPix Commercial

Clients can use this fully cloud-based, one of a kind video creation technology for themselves and for clients. Includes a big built-in stock image and video stock library to create customized videos.

PlayPix Diamond

With the Diamond upgrade, users get 7 additional DFY campaigns in more hot niches, extended render time, extender duration of imported clips, the ability to store more products, plus amazing video bonuses and more

PlayPix Enterprise

With this most advanced edition of PlayPix, users can make the most projects possible, get the Outsourcer License to integrate freelancers and team members into the app, get even more render time, plus access to the 100% commission PlayPix affiliate program.

PlayPix Client Getting Training

A non-plr training course created by us that will show PlayPix buyers the fastest ways to actually get video clients and build an Agency business that succeeds longterm.

PlayPix Video Resource Special

A massive collection of pro video resources to use in PlayPix, in other videos, or to sell to clients, too. Includes templates, stock videos, video graphics, and far more.

Plus, Big Prizes Including...

With More Contests to Be Announced Soon!

More Reasons to Promote:

  • Easy Angle and Real Innovative Solution - Not only is this a true innovative solution but will actually help your subscribers with one of the toughest problems they’re facing now, creating actual unique, professional-looking videos that will drive leads in the first place.
  • Attention to Detail and Track Record - Our last 4 launches have all been in the 6 figures launches already, you can be assured of high EPCs, split-testing, backup pages, sever checkers, and more.
  • Retargeting with Split-Tests Throughout the Launch - Traffic will be used very efficiently by doing retargeting with naked links throughout the entire launch. checkers, and more.
  • Fair Contest - We want everyone to succeed and level the playing field no matter if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing or a seasoned marketer. checkers, and more.
  • Future Support and Updates - Karthik and Jargon Handlers have a history of continually maintaining and adding new updates their past tools so you can be assured this isn't a "launch and gone" tool

Massive Reciprocation to Those Who Promote

We’ve been crushing leaderboards for our partners so expect massive reciprocation on this for our partners.

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